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We're not Gossiping, We're Networking.

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Delicate Scent – Discover your new favorite candle-lit moment with this Soy wax candle. Immerse yourself in the warm and welcoming scent of peach that is is guaranteed to provide a tranquil environment for those who enjoy peace and quiet. These candles are best for those who love a fresh and natural scent.

Handmade in the USA – This soy wax candle is hand-poured in a 9oz glass container with a cotton wick and is made of organic soy wax, which is considered healthier for the environment. It's also made for a good night's sleep since it is free of any harmful chemicals; Our funny candles are very efficient at producing a clean, less smoky, and bright burn.

Long-lasting burn – The 55 hour burning time of our Soy wax candle means you can enjoy a nice long evening without having to continuously reignite the candle; This unique candle is a good choice for people who enjoy candlelight but don't want to have to fuss with their candles throughout the evening.

Great for stress relief – If you're looking for a way to relax and relieve some stress, a soy candle is a product for you; The soothing and inviting scent of this product will uplift your mood, bring your mind to the present, and will creates a relaxing atmosphere that is perfect for unwinding after a long day of work or for meditation.

Ideal for all occasions – You don't have to worry about the gift-giving season for your family, best friend, co-worker, office colleague, manager friend or girlfriend! These affordable funny candles are perfect for any woman on any occasion whether Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary, or office party.


Soy wax candles are a safe and eco-friendly option

Our Soy wax candle wax is a renewable, environmentally friendly product that burns clean; Clean burning means there is no soot or smoke, no unpleasant odors, and no risk of chemical hazards; Clean burning also makes for a much more pleasant experience when burning. The candle allows you to relax and relieve stress with its aromatherapy properties that are perfect for yoga and meditation. It's a much healthier and sustainable alternative to paraffin.

A great gift for female coworkers!

How often does your coworker friend come over to your house? One way to thank your friend for always being there for you is to buy her a soy wax candle. It's a cheap but worthy gift for coworker women that will make them think of you with every scent-filled breeze throughout the day. 

A great gift idea for the one you love

Every woman needs a thoughtful novelty gift that is just for her. With these fun candle gifts for women, she will not only find that sentiment but also soothing scents that she will love. This coworker gift is perfect for expressing love and happiness to your partner that will remind her of love, happy times, and happy memories. This is cute yet affordable gifts for female friends, family, co-workers, colleagues, besties, office staff, and could be an ideal goodbye gift for going away friends who have been by your side for so many years.. They'll love it!

More Gift-giving Ideas:

  • As a great gift for coworkers at farewell parties
  • As a coworker gifts for women on Valentine Day
  • As a Christmas gifts for coworkers on Christmas
  • As a funny gifts for coworkers on Friendship day
  • As a regular gift for colleagues at work

Product Specifications:

  • Candle Material: Soy 
  • Container Material: Glass
  • Wick: Cotton

Package Included:

1 x Soy Wax Candle with Box

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